Compliance with accessibility requirements may appear to be another administrative hurdle. Incorporating accessibility from design inception is the best way to meet compliance requirements and provide better building functionality for all users.


We are experienced in providing practical advice and in-depth reports to meet all local authority requirements.


Our services:


  • Discussion and negotiation with councils for agreement on required upgrades

  • Building upgrade assessments and practical solutions for existing buildings relating to the "as near as is reasonably practicable" requirements of the Building Code Accessibility requirements

  • Review of existing buildings for compliance with Accessibility Code requirements

  • Integration with fire requirements

  • Preparation of Accessibility Reports for Building Consent submission

  • Advice on accessibility requirements

Fully integrated accessible design benefits all users and creates a more useable building for everyone.


Accessibility Requirements



Meeting the bracing and performance requirements in either existing or more complex buildings can be difficult. We have undertaken an extensive range of complex projects that have required detailed understanding of the Building Code and New Zealand Standard requirements to give practical and achievable solutions.

Getting it right economically is the
art of a good
bracing solution

Our services:


  • Assessment of bracing requirements

  • Preparation of alternatives for pricing purposes

  • Preparation of bracing schedules for building consent

Bracing Assessments & Calculations



Building Contract Reviews

There are many forms of consultant engagement and building contract available. Selecting the most appropriate contract for your project can be a difficult task. An appropriate contract should clearly set out your needs, expectations and requirements. It should be clear, even-handed and enforceable.


We can review and advise on the appropriate form of building contract to suit your proposed work.

Our services:


  • Checking and advising on the appropriate form of contract, e.g. Master Builders, Certified Builders, custom contracts, and many more

  • Insurance requirements

  • Performance clauses

  • Warranties

  • Liquidated damages

  • Project-specific requirements, e.g. staged building works

  • Defects liabilities and defects periods

  • Payment schedules and payment requirements

  • Separate or nominated subcontractors

  • Owner supplied items

A good contract is clear, concise and unambiguous. It clearly sets out the requirements for everyone involved in an easy-to-understand way and helps avoid disputes.

Building Dispute Resolution



Construction disputes usually arise from misunderstandings, poor contract documentation or incomplete records. They can quickly get out-of-hand and become expensive.


We take an impartial approach to review all available information and documentation and make recommendations based on industry practice and natural justice.


Our services:


  • Fair and impartial recommendations

  • Discussion of dispute with all parties

  • Interpretation of scope of works

  • Analysis of variations and contract changes

  • Review of supporting information

  • Technical review of contract documentation

  • Interpretation of contract requirements

Disputes can get out-of-hand very quickly. A quick and fair resolution saves time, money and stress.​

Understanding and planning for consents and compliance with all codes and regulations at the commencement of a project can save a lot of time and cost at the end. We understand the range of issues likely to be encountered, particularly in more complex projects and how to avoid project overruns and delays. We have assisted with submitting and clearing numerous building and resource applications covering a wide range of projects.


We have also helped resolve building and resource consent applications and code compliance issues at the completion of projects when they have not been properly addressed in the first instance.


Getting it right at the start can save you time and money in terms of project overruns and delays.

Our services:


  • Reviewing and advising on project compliance requirements at inception

  • Meeting local authorities and agreeing full process at the commencement of the project

  • Compiling compliance documentation

  • Submission of building and resource consent applications

  • Resolving technically difficult applications and council RFIs

  • Assisting to resolve compliance issues post-construction


Consents & Compliance



Consultant Selection


Which consultants will you need for your project? Architect? Designer? Structural engineer? Geotechnical engineer? Acoustic, Hydraulic or Civil engineer? The list goes on. Not all are required for all projects, but getting the selection right at the start saves you time and money during construction.

Our services:


  • Advice and recommendations on the range of consultants required, e.g. Architect, Structural Engineer, Fire Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer, Interior Designer, and more


  • Preparation of the scope of services that each consultant will provide


  • Recommendation on engagement type – e.g. separate engagement of each consultant, OR, primary consultants with secondary consultants (where you request primary consultant engage the secondary consultants)


  • Selection of appropriate consultant within each consultant type – assessment and recommendation on who has the appropriate skills and expertise for your project


  • Calling for proposals from consultants


  • Analysis and recommendation from submissions


  • Assistance with conditions of consultant engagement, e.g. performance requirements, payment terms, expectations, timeframes


  • Preparation of design programme


  • Conduct design team meetings

Paying too much is a waste. Paying too little can be a disaster waiting to happen.


Design Brief Preparation


Preparation of a detailed and appropriate design brief prior to engaging design consultants is a fundamental and critical part of the design process. The design brief should cover all aspects of a project's requirements not just the functional ones. In other words, the underlying rationale for the project, the aspirations, qualities and long-term goals - for example, for a new house: How do you live in it - do you entertain a lot? Do you like to be outside a lot? Are you particularly concerned about privacy? For a commercial venture: How do you want the building to reflect on your business? Is it to be on-sold, or long-term hold? Do life-cycle and maintenance costs matter?

Our Services:


  • A systematic process to obtain all the information, hopes and desires critical to the successful design and outcomes of the development or project


Fully integrated accessible design benefits all users and creates a more useable building for everyone.


Under New Zealand law, from 1 March 2012 any critical residential building work must be carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner. This means all designers, builders, roofers, plasterers, brick- and block-layers etc. must be licensed in order to carry out restricted building work.


Our Services:


  • Alisdair is a Licensed Building Practitioner Assessor for Design Licence classes 1, 2 and 3.


Design Licence Assessments



When intimately involved in the design process you can lose sight of the fundamental brief requirements or overall building functionality. An independent review can highlight any issues that may have arisen or been missed through the design process.

Our services:



  • Review of a project design measured against the design brief and project performance criteria

  • Provide feedback and comment on possible options and alternatives

  • Independent comment on functional and aesthetic concepts

An independent, critical review can save a lot of time and money in correcting errors later on.

Design Reviews

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