Expert Building Advice

All projects can encounter difficult issues at some stage. We have the skills, expertise and experience to provide independent and expert advice on building and contract issues.


Our services:


  • Preparation of analysis for alternative solutions under the Building Code

  • Analysis of building failures, e.g. leaky buildings, structural or building fabric failures

  • Co-ordination and advice on seismic upgrading - advising on alternative approaches and solutions required and co-ordination with structural engineers to ensure the most practical outcomes

  • Compliance with codes, regulations and performance criteria standards

We provide wide experience, technical knowledge and practical solutions


Planners and Solicitors may require experts to technically evaluate submissions or situations, in order to provide a submission hearing or a court with a complete understanding of the matter.


We have over 30 years' experience and the depth of knowledge required to provide evidence and be an expert witness in all design, construction and planning-related matters.

Our services:


  • Provision of opinions and comment for planning hearings and submissions

  • Technical comment for legal representation

  • Expert witness for hearings and disputes

I have provided expert evidence at planning hearings, Environment Court mediations, building mediations and Disputes Tribunals.

Expert Witness Testimony



Feasibility Studies

The initial feasibility and assessment of a project is fundamentally the most important step in the entire development process. A detailed and thorough understanding of the options, constraints and potential for any development is critical to success. For example, what is the optimal number of units for the best return? What are other possible uses and opportunities for the site? 

Our services:


  • Site capability analysis, e.g. what will legally fit on your site and what are you obliged to provide?

  • Bulk and location studies – what can physically fit on your site?

  • Preliminary financial analysis – what will it cost? What is it likely to return?

  • Project analysis – depending on your goals, what is the most appropriate solution? What will give you the best return over the short, medium or long term?

Getting it right at the start can mean the difference between success or failure

Fire Code requirements can be quite onerous or they can be used to advantage. We have experience in preparing fire reports for all building types using the "Acceptable Solutions" or working with a Fire Engineer for specific engineering requirements.


We also prepare emergency lighting designs to provide a complete fire design package.

Our Services:


  • Preliminary Fire Analysis

  • Preparation of detailed Fire Reports based on the Building Code Acceptable Solutions

  • Liaison with Fire Engineers for specific fire design

  • Emergency lighting design

  • Review and advise on existing fire reports for existing buildings and comparison of old-to-current Fire Code requirements in practical terms and how they will affect your building

Early involvement of fire design can simplify solutions and give lower costs than leaving it till the end.

Fire Reports



Ensuring a building is constructed to the required and agreed standard is an essential part of any building project. Independent inspection and review during construction can alleviate quality and compliance issues at completion. They can also anticipate and avert problems before they arise.

Our services:


  • Inspection of building works for quality control and adherence to specification requirements

  • Review of Building Code and Resource Consent conditions

  • Assistance with resolution of technical issues or difficulties during construction

We provide independent quality control and confidence that your project is built right


On-site Inspections



Project Management


Independent overview and co-ordination of the design and/or construction process can assist in keeping the owners in control of the entire development. Independent project management can assist in ensuring the project runs to time and budget.

Our services:


  • Attendance (running, if required) Project Control Group meetings, including overall project review, performance, target and updates

  • Attendance at Design Control Group meetings, i.e. review of –

    • ​Design-to-brief requirements

    • Design analysis, e.g. does the design meet required performance criteria?

    • Design team management and co-ordination – monitoring/troubleshooting consultant requirements and co-ordinating service delivery

  • Attendance at construction review or site meetings to monitor progress, performance and quality control

Holistic overview and management of all facets of a project is the best way to remain informed and in control


Sustainable Design Reviews


Sustainability is an over-used word and subject to 'green wash'. Our approach is different. Sustainable design has to benefit you as the owner as well as the environment. Our approach is to work with you to give an economic assessment of different options, a cost-benefit analysis and ensure you achieve a solution appropriate to your needs.


We have walked the talk through building Waimea House (used as our background image), which is a light, warm and very pleasant space in which to work yet has one-third of the average running costs of a conventional commercial building of the same size. If you would like to know more, call us.

Our Services:


  • Practical advice from direct, real-world experience and recommendations on potential sustainability features that may be incorporated into a project that will give both an economic solution and financial benefits

  • Running costs assessments

  • Lighting assessments

  • Return on investment calculations

  • Qualified Green Star practitioner with up-to-date knowledge of Green building practices

  • Able to work successfully in a Green Star project. If you would like to know more about the Green Star system, visit


Read more about Waimea House and why sustainable design makes good commercial sense.
Sustainable design should benefit your bottom line as well as the environment.


An independent technical review is often required for building consent submission or for verifying compliance with relevant codes and standards. We have the experience to undertake such reviews.

Our services:


  • Review of documentation for compliance with client briefs and performance criteria

  • Review of documentation for Building Code and relevant Standards compliance

  • Peer review of documentation for quality assurance purposes

A second, independent opinion can reconfirm your approach or save you from problems

Technical & Peer Reviews



Technical & Submission Writing

At times a detailed technical assessment and report is required for submission or compliance purposes. We have prepared technical reports covering a multitude of issues ranging from alternative solutions, determinations, performance compliance, building failures and remediation, and local authority submissions and hearings. We work in conjunction with Wand Studio to produce detailed and persuasive documents.

Our services:


  • Preparation of submissions for planning reviews, technical updates and compliance requirements. For example, submissions on District Plan updates for councils, and technical building reviews for government, such as Building Code updates

  • Alternative Solution submission reports and analysis for building consents

  • Technical report on building failures or performance issues

  • Submissions to MBIE for Building Code determinations

Our experience and expertise can assist you with technically difficult issues
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