Accessibility Requirements

  • Discussion and negotiation with councils for agreement on required upgrades

  • Building upgrade assessments and practical solutions for existing buildings relating to the "as near as is reasonably practicable" requirements of the Building Code Accessibility requirements

  • Review of existing buildings for compliance with Accessibility Code requirements

  • Integration with Fire requirements

  • Preparation of Accessibility Reports for Building Consent submission

  • Advice on accessibility requirements

I am experienced in providing practical advice and in-depth reports to meet all local authority requirements.


Bracing Assessments & Calculations 

  • Assessment of bracing requirements

  • Preparation of alternatives for pricing purposes

  • Preparation of bracing schedules for building consent

I have undertaken an extensive range of complex projects that have required detailed understanding of the Building Code and New Zealand Standard requirements to give practical and achievable solutions.


Certificates of Acceptance

  • Site inspection to confirm level of Building Code compliance

  • Preparation of required drawings and COA report

  • Pre-application meeting with Council to confirm scope of work

  • Submission of Certificate of Acceptance application and Building Consent for any remedial work

It is far easier and cheaper to apply for a Building Consent prior to starting work than a Certificate of Acceptance after it is built. I work with Council to obtain the appropriate approvals.


Consents & Compliance

  • Reviewing and advising on project compliance requirements at inception

  • Meeting local authorities and agreeing full process at the commencement of the project

  • Compiling compliance documentation

  • Submission of building and resource consent applications

  • Resolving technically difficult applications and council RFIs

  • Assisting to resolve compliance issues post-construction

I have assisted with submitting and clearing numerous building and resource applications covering a wide range of projects. I have also helped resolve building and resource consent applications and code compliance issues at the completion of projects when they have not been properly addressed in the first instance.


Design Licence Assessments

  • Under New Zealand law, from 1 March 2012 any critical residential building work must be carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner. This means all designers, builders, roofers, plasterers, brick- and block-layers etc. must be licensed in order to carry out restricted building work

I am a Licensed Building Practitioner Assessor for Design Licence classes 1, 2 and 3.


Expert Building Advice

  • ​Preparation of analysis for Alternative Solutions under the Building Code

  • Analysis of building failures, e.g. leaky buildings, structural or building fabric failures

  • Co-ordination and advice on seismic upgrading - advising on alternative approaches and solutions required and co-ordination with structural engineers to ensure the most practical outcomes

  • Compliance with codes, regulations and performance criteria standards

I provide wide experience, technical knowledge and practical solutions.


Feasibility Studies

  • Site capability analysis - what will legally fit on your site and what are you obliged to provide?

  • Bulk and location studies – what can physically fit on your site?

  • Preliminary financial analysis – what will it cost? What is it likely to return?

  • Project analysis – depending on your goals, what is the most appropriate solution? What will give you the best return over the short, medium or long term?

The initial feasibility and assessment of a project is fundamentally the most important step in the entire development process. Getting it right at the start can mean the difference between success or failure.


Fire Reports

  • Preliminary Fire Analysis

  • Preparation of detailed Fire Reports based on the Building Code Acceptable Solutions

  • Liaison with Fire Engineers for specific fire design

  • Emergency lighting design

  • Review and advise on existing fire reports for existing buildings and comparison of old-to-current Fire Code requirements in practical terms and how they will affect your building

  • I also prepare emergency lighting designs to provide a complete fire design package

Early involvement of fire design can simplify solutions and give lower costs than leaving it till the end.